Pocket Number-17: Christ Church Meadow, Oxford

Christ Church meadow is a picturesque meadow skirted by trees and walks which meander toward the Cherwell river where punters can be viewed.

Due to the heavy winter rain much of the meadow was submersed beneath floodwater. I saw no punters but spotted some deer grazing on an island of elevated pasture.

pockets of 001 (2)<< At a garden shed, I encountered a gathering of meadow men / groundskeepers.

One of the meadow men provided the montage with a couple of twigs that had blown onto the meadow. I received a poplar tree twig and a willow tree twig.  The groundskeeper, John James then signed the frame and  sent me to visit University of Oxford’s Botanic Gardens and told me to meet a curator.

John said that I should come again in the spring if I wanted to see longhorn cattle and a meadow.

Pocket Number 18: Tom Price at University of Oxford Botanic Gardens >>


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