Pocket Number 4: The Roebuck pub, Auckland Road, Reading

2-5-015 (2)The Roebuck is tucked away at the end of one of Reading’s suburban back streets. A local drew me a map of directions to help me find it.

It is a quaint, traditional pub with some real ale on tap.

I asked if I could see David and he soon appeared at the bar. After I explained about the project to him I 2..5 014was given a three lions football T-shirt bottle opener.

David then sent me to go to meet Kevin at the Shepherds House pub.

Ceryn, who was working behind the bar, helpfully wrote down a list of instructions of how to get there.

Before I left I drank down a pint of Greene King IPA.

Pocket Number 5: Kevin (->Amanda) at The Shepherds House pub >>


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