Pocket Number 10: Barton Hills Nature Reserve

Barton Hills Nature Reserve is a part of the chalky Chilterns and involves rolling downs and wooded dells of beech and lime.

I quickly located the Shetland ponies. They were fenced-in near the foot of the hills but are let out to roam free over the hills as the weather warms. By the base of one of the hills is a natural spring of clear, potable water which filters through the chalky hills into a brook traversed by the sort of stepping stones which affords hours of fun to a young child.

We followed one of the many trails to the top of elevations affording scenic views over a verdant landscape of downland. Kites soared overhead, recognizable by their deeply forked tail which twists this way and that to send the bird swooping into big arcs across the sky, like a stunt kite.

Up top on one of the hills I encountered Richie and Sarah relaxing and enjoying the view. They were on a date.

I gave them my spiel about [25] Pockets of [Luton]. Sarah’s from Luton. She told me Luton is renowned for its fast food chicken places but opted to keep with the nature theme apparent on the frame thus far and wrote for me to visit Bramingham Woods once the bluebells there are in bloom.

At first Richie offered me a samosa snack from his rucksack. I was to eat the samosa and put the packaging on the montage. However, Sarah then took from her keychain a copper souvenir of a gondola, colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa – presumably from an Italian holiday.

I felt guilty, like taking Sarah’s souvenir PLUS Richie’s samosa would seem greedy, so I told Richie to keep the samosa. My loss!

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