Pocket Number 9: Art Lounge, Lower Mall, Royal Priors Shopping Centre

WP_20151222_16_05_22_ProArt Lounge is an independent retail gallery situated on the ground floor of Leamington’s Royal Priors Shopping Centre.

It houses paintings and prints from artists such as Terry Evans, Edward Waite, Sarah Graham, Ben Jeffrey, Rozanne bell, Mark Spain, etc.WP_20151222_16_05_08_Pro

WP_20151222_16_04_32_ProI asked Tom who he thought the gallery’s best-selling artist was and was told that Kerry Darlington is especially popular.

I explained to David and Tom about [25] Pockets of [Leamington Spa] and Tom gave the assemblage Art Lounge’s business card, with a red sold sticker on it and then sent me to see Kelly at Spangles

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