Pocket Number-17: Private home, Coventry

I contacted Corrine on the number her dad gave me and we text-arranged a day and time to meet. Corrine invited me to visit her at her home! The exclamation mark on that last sentence is because its the first time since starting [25] Pockets of […] that I’ve been invited to somebody’s private home.

20190303_131226Aside from her time studying textiles and fine art at university, Corrine has lived in Coventry all her life. She works as a secondary school teacher teaching art to year sevens. She told me about a recent project in which her students constructed commemorative Remembrance Day yellow/golden poppies out of plastic bottles.

For the assemblage, Corrine gave a ticket for a match 20190310_121505between Coventry City FC and Stevenage on 20 April 2018. Google says that Coventry’s Sky Blues beat Stevenage 3-1 on the day!

Corrine then sent me to see her good friend and work colleague Lucy at wherever it is Lucy agrees to meet me.

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