[25] Pockets of [the Old Fire Station]

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[25] Pockets of [the Old Fire Station] was developed as part of Playground on Fire and Pocket assemblageSKYROCKET.  It is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively exploring the Old Fire Station through gifts and referrals.

Participants give away to the assemblage a possession that is either carried on their person or that is at hand, nearby. They then write on the picture frame the next location and person, or ‘pocket’ for me to visit in the Old Fire Station to extract a WP_20150625_20_12_12_Profurther item and referral from.

Items received from participants are attached to the montage. Positioning of the assembled objects correlates somewhat to the locations at which these were obtained so that there is a contextually significant relationship between the objects’ placements to the locations at which they were obtained.

To randomly start me off on my exploration of the Old Fire Station, I held up the below sign:


Pocket Number 1: Trisha at Reception >>

Pocket Number 2: Noel in Garden Room >>

Pocket Number 3: Sarah at Reception >>

Pocket Number 4: Sarah at the Shop >>

Pocket Number 5: Jared at Crisis Skylight Cafe >>

Pocket Number 6: Rachel at her desk on the 3rd floor >>

Pocket Number 7: Giles at Interviewing Room One >>

Pocket Number 8: Kate in the Lobby Area >>

Pocket Number 9: Jeremy at his office on the 3rd floor >>

Pocket Number 10: H. at Reception >>

Pocket Number 11: Harriet at the Shop >>

Pocket Number 12: Daisy at the Art Studios >>

Pocket Number 13: Alexandra at the Theatre >>

Pocket Number 14: Helen from Work & Skills Room >>

Pocket Number 15: Sarah at Reception >>

Pocket Number 16: Katherine at Reception >>

Pocket Number 17: Dave heading to Loft >>

Pocket Number 18: Natalie at Lobby Area >>

Pocket Number 19: Mick at Computer Room >>

Pocket Number 20: Lucy at Art Room >>

Pocket Number 21: Chris from Progression Office >>

Pocket Number 22: Daniel in the Kitchen >>

Pocket Number 23: Laura at the Shop >>

Pocket Number 24: Amy at Reception >>

Pocket Number 25: Emma at the Shop <>

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