Pocket Number 29: Mumbles Cricket Club

pict0068I found Ian at the Mumbles Cricket Club (“Tree” was away on vacation). The club had a friendly atmosphere even though it had lost a match earlier that day.

Ian gave the picture a “Taffy Apples Premium Cider” bottle that was full of cider that I drank. I was informed that the owner of Taffy Apples, Mr. Watkin, is a supporter of the club.

pict0073Ian then sent me to visit The Village Hotel at approximately 18:00 the following day and ask for local radio presenter, Badger. Badger was due to be arriving at the hotel after cycling to Swansea from Paris. With Ian’s approval, a gentleman named Spence wrote these instructions on the picture frame. However, the man pictured holding the picture frame is Ian himself.

But for the quality of my camera (!), the picture would have shown the final score on the black scoreboard on the little white house to Mr. Mallet’s left – which is the whole reason Ian is standing in the middle of the cricket field.


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