Pocket Number-12: The Mail Coach, Fleet Street, Swindon

25 pockets of Swindon 007The Mail Coach is a city centre gay bar.

I encountered Amy without knowing who she was, just as she was leaving The Mail Coach. I asked her if I had found The Mail Coach and she confirmed that yes, I had.

I then asked at The Mail Coach to speak to Amy and was informed that she had just left. I put two and two together and trailed and caught up to Amy at the Wetherspoons pub across the road.

After explaining what I was doing, Amy agreed to participate and sent me to see Kim at The Rolleston – the Mail Coach’s sister pub. Amy also told me to head back to The Mail Coach and enquire there to obtain an object with The Mail Coach’s details on it. 25 pockets of Swindon 008

Back at The Mail Coach, I explained to a gentleman behind the bar about the project and about Amy’s directions and he gave the assemblage a Mail Coach entertainment receipt.

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