Pocket Number-10: The Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford

2..5 002 The Ashmolean Museum was Britain’s first public museum.

The museum is a five-floor sprawl of collections and exhibitions from around the world. Mr. Vengerov had not specified who I should approach but as he noted enjoying the museum’s Vivaldi exhibition, I thought I’d try approaching someone at the museum’s music collection.2..5 001

On the second Floor, Room 39, at the Music and Tapestry section and next to the Stradivarius violin named ‘Messiah’ I found Veronica working as

IMGA0076a museum invigilator. She agreed to participate and gave the montage a brochure map with the floor plan of the Ashmolean and directed me to visit The Perch Inn by Port Meadow. For security reasons, I was not allowed to take a photograph of Veronica’s face.

Nobody in particular was specified for me to see so I guess I am allowed to approach anyone I choose at The Perch Inn.


Veronica is an artist. See: http://www.veronicacordovadelarosaportfolio.org/ to view some of her work)

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