Pocket Number-18: Buon Appetito, Faringdon Road, Swindon

Buon Appetito (see: http://www.buonappetitorestaurant.co.uk/ ) is a sister restaurant to La Carbonnara and there is a family resemblance in the Italian themed decor, the check table cloths, the wooden tables and the good food. However, there are some differences and in distinction to La Carbonnara, Buon Appetito, specializes more in pizza and Italian style tapas.

Swindon 25 pockets 067I tried an assortment of tapas and especially enjoyed a dish of goats cheese on crisp bread topped with pancetta and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Mario cooks and manages at Buon Appetito and is the brother of Lino from La Carbonnara.

For the assemblage, he provided the project with Buon Appetito’s business card. It is on the reverse side of La Carbonnara’s business card and so  when I assemble the project, I must take care that I glue the card Swindon 25 pockets 068faces the right side up.

Mario then sent me to visit Janni at Fabio’s Ristorante in old town.

Pocket Number 19: Janni at Fabio’s Ristorante >>


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