Pocket Number-14: Moseley Park & Pool, Moseley, Birmingham


WP_20151011_17_43_35_ProI texted Amy about [25] Pockets of [Birmingham] on the phone number Alasdair had provided me and arranged to meet her in front of the entrance to Moseley Park and Pool after she finished her Sunday shift at Maison Mayci – an independent French deli.

I found Moseley Park and Pool enclosed behind a locked WP_20151011_17_44_16_Progate. Amy told me that it is a private park WP_20151011_17_43_01_Prorun by a charitable trust and so there’s a small fee to be paid  to obtain a key for admittance. It was too late in the evening to get a key but Amy pointed out some advertisement boards with photographic depictions of the park’s WP_20151011_17_43_09_ProWP_20151011_17_36_50_Prointerior.

Amy works as freelance designer and illustrator and you can see some of her work at her website, here: http://cargocollective.com/amylouiseevans or you can follow her work, on facebook, here: https://www.facebook.com/amylouiseevansillustration .

Amy gave the montage two cards with some of her figurative screen print designs and also a Reggae Take Over badge from her boyfriend, who performs reggae with his band. She then sent me to try the beer and see Will at Purecraft Bar & Kitchen.

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