Pocket Number 6: The Old Fire Station, George Street, Oxford

25 Pockets ofOxford 064 (1024x1024)Following Isaac’s instructions, I attended Morgan & West’s Magical Menagerie on 5 November 2013 at The Old Fire Station.

The Old Fire Station is a social enterprise that helps teach skills to homeless people while housing a cafe and space for performances, art exhibitions and workshops.

The menagerie collected by Morgan and West for their penultimate Oxford show comprised of Neil Kelso ( http://www.neilkelso.co.uk/ ) and the world class mind reader, David Meade (see: http://www.davidmeade.co.uk/ ).

Morgan and West made themselves accessible after the show and I explained the project to them. The gentleman pictured above is Morgan. Morgan gave the montage a piece of chalk he had used in the show and sent me to see a curator at Pitt Rivers Museum.

Pocket Number 7: Curator at Pitt Rivers Museum >>


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