[25] Pockets of [Southampton]


Southampton 25

[25] Pockets of [Southampton] uses an object assemblage to explore Southampton and connect between people working, visiting and living there.

Participants give away to the project’s collection an object possession and then write on a picture frame, directions for the next location and person, or ‘pocket’ to be visited in Southampton. The trail of referrals from person to person continues until at least 25 objects from 25 referrals have been collected. The collected objects are later incorporated into a final, framed montage.

1497700991722To begin my journey I stood inside BargateIMG_20170618_190956 gatehouse, the historic entry portal to Southampton’s medieval walled town. To my right hulked Bargate Shopping Centre: derelict, boarded up and scheduled for demolition.  To IMG_20170618_191220my left, sparkled shiny and modern Westquay shopping centre.

I held up my sign “Name a person in a place in Southampton for me to visit“.1497701321498

Holly was the first person who approached me in response to the sign. She told me that she’s  recently moved to Southampton from Portsmouth. She works as a sales rep for a paintball company and enjoys dancing. She started off [25] Pockets of [Southampton] by sending me to go get a pretzel at the pretzel place at Westquay and said that vanilla is the best flavour.

Pocket Number 1: Dincho at Auntie Anne’s Pretzels >>

Pocket Number 2: Martin at Domino’s Pizza >>

Pocket Number 3: Anna at M&K Dance and Fitness >>

Pocket Number 4: Keri and Melinda at Turtle Bay >>

Pocket Number 5: Angela at Showcase Cinema de Lux, WestQuay South >>

Pocket Number 6: Ben at Chequers Inn, Lymington >>

Pocket Number 7: Paige at Thomas Tripp, Stanford Road >>

Pocket Number 8: Luke at The Hobbit >>

Pocket Number 9: Nix and Steve at Forbidden Planet >>

Pocket Number 10: Jack and Smudge at Shooting Star >>

Pocket Number 11: Dave(s) at Rockstone >>

Pocket Number 12: Sarah at London Brew House >>

Pocket Number 13: Chris at Bitter Virtue >>

Pocket Number 14: Caroline at Southampton Art Gallery >>

Pockets Number 15: Laura at Tudor House >>

Pockets Number 16: Lucy at SeaCity Museum >>

Pocket Number 17: Iga at John Hansard Gallery >>

Pocket Number 18: Nicola at Arches Studios >>

Pocket Number 19: Susan at City Eye >>

Pocket Number 20: Deborah at Platform Tavern, Town Quay >>

Pocket Number 21: Katherine at Red Hot Press >>

Pocket Number 22: Liz at Tudor House Café >>

Pocket Number 23: Jenny at her front garden + Southampton Common and Southampton Old Cemetery >>

Pocket Number 24: Adam and Izzy at The Pig in the Wall >>

Pocket Number 25: Matt at St Mary’s Stadium >>


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