Pocket Number 6: Mc Donald’s, Lower Earley, The Square, Reading

I followed Amanda’s directions and visited the Mc Donald’s near the ASDA in Lower Earley in order to find James. When I asked the Mc Donald’s management if James worked there I was told that the last employee called James had left over a year ago.

Still, I got permission to sit in the McDonalds outlet holding the sign depicted below: pp 001

After attracting attention from everybody except anybody called James, I changed strategy to asking at neighbouring store outlets whether or not they had available any employees called James.

Across from the Mc Donald’s bulks a Marks and Spencer’s store. At their customer service desk, I asked: “excuse me please but would you know if you keep anyone here called James, who I can speak to?

I was told: “yes we have two people here called James: store manager James and James Hobbs.” 

swi6 001James Hobbs is the James in the photo. He agreed to participate in 25 Pockets of Leamington Spa once he had finished his shift at M & S.

I waited for him to finish his shift and then intercepted him as he exited out the back door.

For the montage, James told me to get a packet of fries from Mc Donald’s and then sent me to see Becky at Boots at the Oracle shopping centre.

Pocket Number 7: Becky at Boots >>


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