Pocket Number-25: Aldi, Hobley Drive, Stratton, Swindon

25 of Swi 012I followed Massimo’s directions and took bus route number 7 to Stratton. The bus driver dropped me off next to the main Aldi stores depot in Stratton. At the depot, I was told that I would find Piotr at the Aldi shop in Stratton and was given a lift there. Arriving at the relevant Aldi in Stratton, I asked about Piotr and was brought to a gentleman by that name. I explained about what I was doing but Piotr confessed that he is not the correct Piotr. He clarified that there are two Piotrs 25 of Swi 011employed at the Aldi and that the second, absent Piotr was the one I was looking for since he manages the shop and used to work together with Massimo.

Piotr told me to come back later in the afternoon as my Piotr would begin his shift at 16:00.

At 16:00 I returned to the correct Aldi and spoke to the correct Piotr.

Piotr gave the assemblage a 30% off red discount sticker and then sent me to visit his brother Artur at Chiquitos.

Piotr at the Stratton Aldi is the 25th pocket of Swindon so that the first [25] Pockets of [Swindon] can now be assembled.25pkts of 003

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