Pocket Number-13: Kingbee Records, Wilbraham Road

WP_20160527_14_23_24_ProKingbee Records is an independent record shop that’s kept vinyl alive in Chorlton since the 1980s.

Behind the shop’s unassuming, yellow facade are shelves, boxes and racks crammed full with secondhand vinyl.

WP_20160527_14_20_25_ProWhen I arrived the place was doing brisk trade with half a dozen collectors all having a mooch.

At the counter I met Mike who’s worked at Kingbee Records since he was a boy.

WP_20160527_14_13_44_ProI explained to him about what I was doing and he gave the assemblage a yellow Dunlop 73mm guitar pick.

He told me that he enjoys cycling to and from work along the canal each day and so he told me to “go to the Bridgewater Canal, spot some wildlife and ask somebody there for my next mission.”

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