Pocket Number 2: The Curzon Club, Oxford road, Reading

2..5 009The Curzon Club (see: http://www.curzonclub.co.uk ) has a bar lounge, entertainment hall and space for playing darts and pool.  2..5 0082..5 005

Live music gets played there and I saw a local musician (Andy Kennett) setting up to play some rock and roll at the front bar.2..5 007

2..5 004I explained about what I was doing to Jimmy and he provided the montage with a Malibu “Get Your Island On” belt and a Budweiser Fifa world cup bottle zip-case and then directed that I see Darren at The Albion pub further along up Oxford Road.

Jimmy said that The Curzon Club was founded on its current site over 100 years ago and he showed me the club’s sizeable entertainment hall.

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