Pocket Number-15: Trove, Stockport Road

WP_20160710_14_32_23_ProTrove is an independent, husband/wife-run bakery and cafe in Levenshulme, situated opposite the antiques village on Stockport Road.

The decor is one of white walls and light-wooden surfaces and there’s a large table that encourages social seating.

Will wasn’t in when I first visited Trove, so I phoned him and he told me to go see Shaun or James at Heart & Graft roastery – or, if that was closed – Nico, at Lupo Caffè.

WP_20160710_14_32_08_ProSome weeks later, I returned to Trove meet Will in person and he wrote out on my picture frame the instructions he’d previously given me over the phone. He then provided the assemblage with a small  wooden chutney spoon and a plastic label that advertises the “millionaires shortbread” that Will recommends.

WP_20160710_14_21_28_ProBefore I left, I tried Trove’s eggs Benedict.

Here’s a photograph of it, with caper studded  sauce, properly runny eggs, thickly-cut bacon and slices of toasted sourdough bread, freshly baked in-store.

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