Pocket Number 2: Blaze, Park Street

WP_20151219_13_36_08_ProLee is a hair stylist at Blaze – an independent hair salon on Park Street. I explained at reception about my project and was told that Blaze would be happy to participate and that Lee had just stepped out for lunch. I returned after 10 minutes and waited in the lounge by the Christmas WP_20151219_13_29_51_Protree. Lee soon emerged; wearing a Santa Claus Christmas jumper that rivalled for visual impact, the mustard-yellow blazer I had on.

WP_20151219_13_32_10_ProI explained about what I was doing and how Dave had referred me to him and Lee showed me  some of the ink he had picked up at Sacred Heart Tattoos

He then sent me next door to see Chris at Venture Photography and gave the assemblage Blaze’s salon guide with Blaze’s cutting and colouring menus. At front of WP_20151221_09_41_48_Prothe guide is a photo-mosaic advertising a variety of hair styles and I ticked the pictures of hair-styles that Lee had accomplished.

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