Pocket Number-15: The Jesus Army at Woodstock Road, Oxford

25 cardiff 002The Jesus Fellowship Church / aka. Jesus Army is an evangelical fellowship whose core members live together communally. The members share their income and possessions as they try and implement the Bible passage of Acts 2: 44 and 45, which recounts early Christians sharing and having all things common.

I showed up at the Jesus Army’s center at Woodstock Road on the Thursday Ruth had specified and was kindly invited to a supper of slow cooked beef, leeks and mash. After introductions were made, I witnessed a testimony session where members recounted to one another what Jesus had accomplished for them in the past week.

After supper, I spoke to Peter. Peter is a longstanding member of the Jesus Army and had seen it evolve over some decades. He patiently answered my many questions about the group and its lifestyle.

Peter gave the project a CD and DVD, titled: Ignite. The CD contains Christian music made by Jesus Army’s young musicians  and the DVD contains an introduction to the Jesus Army.

Peter recommended for me to next visit Oxford University’s Worcester College gardens and meet one of the gardeners who works there: Kieron Smith.

Pocket Number 16: Kieron at Worcester College gardens >>


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