Pocket Number 5: Showcase Cinema de Lux, West Quay Shopping Centre

22237010_10100539337992007_173677888_nShowcase Cinema de Lux Southampton advertises itself as the UK’s most technologically advanced cinema. It features laser projection, Dolby Atmos surround sound and reclining seats. Also, alcohol can be brought into the screenings, so that you can recline with a glass of red wine … oh wow, look, that rhymes.

22236353_10100539337932127_573850303_nI assigned a number to each of the seven blockbusters being screened that day and asked the ticket seller to pick a number.

She chose number three – Victoria and Abdul – and told me that I was lucky, as it was the last remaining seat.

22236446_10100539337957077_1706895436_nThe person to my right was named Angela. I explained to her about my journey through Southampton and asked her if she wanted anything from the bar. She politely declined my invitation as she was going to meet up and have supper with friends later.

She told me to put my cinema ticket as placeholder on the montage and asked me if I liked pubs and walking and sent me to enjoy the shore and the food at Chequers pub, Lymington, New Forest.

I’m able to meet anyone there.

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