Pocket Number 6: ICEBAR LONDON, Heddon Street, London

25 p of ldn 020ICEBAR is a novelty cocktail bar made of ice.

A session in ICEBAR lasts 40 minutes. The admission price includes a cocktail in an ice-glass.25 p of ldn 014  To prevent hypothermia, entrants are robed with a hooded, thermal cape and given gloves.

25 p of ldn 021 25 p of ldn 006After getting a mango-flavoured cocktail at the bar, I wandered around the grotto; 25 p of ldn 003looked at ice pictures and cracks and waves in ice blocks,  sat on ice stools, peeked through a window in an ice pineapple and sat in an ice car; while all around me hooded people took pictures and 25 p of ldn 010selfies.

I explained about what I was doing to Roberto who provided the montage with an ICEBAR business card and then sent me25 p of ldn 016 to see anyone at the National Museum of Natural History (written on the frame as the National History Museum).

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