Pocket Number-17: John Hansard Gallery

35864579_10100621250119447_9187079408584753152_nIn May, Southampton University’s John Hansard Gallery reopened to the public in its newly designed venue on Guildhall Square.

The gallery’s inaugural show was devoted to a mini-retrospective by artist Gerhard Richter.

Gallery 1 on the ground floor, contained some35881831_10100621249974737_1085594778390757376_n of Richter’s squeegee-35835929_10100621249999687_6836046510124171264_ndragged abstractions and a series of four giant tapestries based on reflected versions of 36063304_10100621250069547_7865850943240142848_nAbstract Painting (724-4).

35806808_10100621249944797_1400242523422588928_nGallery 2 displayed various prints and self-portraits plus a room filled with photographic facsimiles of the series of ’48 Portraits’ – black and white portraits painted from photographs of epochal male figures of 35531883_10100621249884917_266995993415778304_nthe 19th and 20th centuries

Here you can see how Richter’s mirror 35705846_10100621249894897_3421036056508628992_npaintings in Gallery 2 opaquely reflect my silhouette back out36062946_10100621249844997_1134380388488052736_n (1) onto their variously coloured surfaces

35855856_10100621249321047_1597705977023430656_nGallery 3 was situated in a room with double height ceilings and two enormous windows which flooded light onto Richter’s installation of ‘4900 Farben’ – 195 panels – each with 5×5 blocks of coloured glass squares arranged by algorithm in random combinations. They formed part of the plan for ‘gothic cathedral’ which inserted an arrangement of 11,500 colour squares arranged by algorithm, and using medieval glass colouring recipes, into Cologne’s restored cathedral’s 75 foot high stained glass windows.

35882324_10100621249251187_9062804482630352896_nGallery 3 is also where I met Iga who works at the gallery and does art and installations in her spare time.

I told her about [25] Pockets of [Southampton] and she told me she35974499_10100621249291107_4530358364546269184_n remembered me as she had been at Tudor House when I visited

She sent me to say hello to her colleague Nicola at Arches Studios at the annual open studios event on 03/06/18. For the montage she gave the assemblage an advertisement brochure for Arches Open Studios 2018.

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