[25] Pockets of [London]

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[25] Pockets of [London] is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively generated through gifts and referrals.

25 Pockets of London 008 (2)To begin my journey, I stood at a lamp-post at Leicester Square, holding up the below sign: 25 Pockets of London 010 (2)

Tony Harrison was the first person who approached me in response to the sign. Tony works at a bookings office at Leicester Square and started off [25] Pockets of [London] by telling me to see Lynda at Palace Theatre.

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Pockets >>

Pocket Number 1: Lynda at Palace Theatre >>

Pocket Number 2: Farouk at Garrick Theatre’s box office >>

Pocket Number 3: someone (Ashley) at Buckingham Palace >>

Pocket Number 4: operator (Cole) at The London Eye >>

Pocket Number 5: duck-feeders at St. James’s Park >>

Pocket Number 6: barman (Roberto) at ICEBAR >>

Pocket Number 7: anybody (Esma) at National History Museum >>

Pocket Number 8: anybody (Samuel) at University College London’s quadrangle >>

Pocket Number 9: a baker at Beigel Bake, Brick Lane >>

Pocket Number 10: anybody (Des) at Madam Tussauds, Baker Street >>

Pocket Number 11: Michael at Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4 >>

Pocket Number 12: a business man (Jon) at The Shard >>

Pocket Number 13: a beefeater (Dave) at The Tower of London >>

Pocket Number 14: “APC NSY” (PC61) >>

Pocket Number 15: a football fan at Tottenham >>

Pocket Number 16: anybody (Rob) at Imperial War Museum >>

Pocket Number 17: barman (Jim) at Crobar, Soho >>

Pocket Number 18: Simon at The Black Heart, Camden >>

Pocket Number 19: Lyndsey at 55 Bar & Lounge, Camden >>

Pocket Number 20: Jimmy at The Camden Eye >>

Pocket Number 21: Lydia at James Anderson estate agents, East Sheen >>

Pocket Number 22: Emily at Deptford Park Primary School, Evelyn Street, Deptford >>

Pocket Number 23: busker (Lloydie) on the Underground >>

Pocket Number 24: anyone (Seb) at Hank’s Guitar Shop, Denmark Street >>

Pocket Number 25: Davey at Off Broadway, Broadway Market >>.

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