Pocket Number-10: Spangles, Lower Mall, Royal Priors Shopping Centre

WP_20151222_16_19_37_ProSpangles is a family-run, retail sweet shop specializing in american confectionery, such as Pop-Tarts, Hershey’s, Jolly Rancher and Reese’s. It’s situated on the ground floor of the Royal Priors Shopping Centre where it also has an WP_20151222_16_16_29_ProAmerican diner that sells burgers, milkshakes and hot-dogs.

I got WP_20151222_16_22_36_Promyself a pastrami-packed sandwich for the train-trip home.

I asked at the candy store to see Kelly and was told that she had just gone out to Spangle’s diner.

I located her at the diner and explained about [25] Pockets of WP_20151222_16_14_40_Pro[Leamington Spa] and she gave the assemblage her business card and then consulted with her daughter before sending me to see Tanya at Fat Moomoo.

I asked Kelly what her favourite american confectionery is and she recommended Reese’s peanut butter cups.

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