Pocket Number 38: Bonymaen Inn, Talfan Road, Bonymaen, Swansea


?????????????????????????????????????The Bonymaen Inn is an arch-typical boozer, filled with Bonymaen regulars. The wooden beams above the bar counter are studded with metal placards engraved with the names of deceased regulars and I was introduced to an old regular on his last legs whose “placard had already been made.”

At the pub’s rear there’s a photo montage and a signed football jersey of a popular  local lad, Ross Jones, who had passed away Snapshot 1 (27-02-2015 01-43)in his sleep.

Patrick runs the place and used to be a renowned Welsh boxer who trained at the local Bonymaen boxing club.

Patrick gave the project a card with a picture of the pub on the back.

I was advised by Patrick to next visit Andrew at “Steak by Night” off the Kingsway – a long-standing steakhouse that he frequents.


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