Pocket Number-11: BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Priory Place

Vic Minett works as a radio presenter at BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. On Friday mornings she hosts an Open House in the radio station’s lobby, where everyone is welcome.

1489143418672On the Friday when I turned up, the bunting festooned lobby space was brimming with Coventry FC / Sky Blue fans, all come to lend their voices to recording Steve and Heather’s new Sky Blue fans song Keep the Dream Alive by Sky Blue Records.

After songs from Blake Music Man I spoke to Vic on air about 25 1489143024296Pockets of Coventry and how I’d come to randomly be referred to her.

Vic gave to the assemblage a sky blue coloured BBC goodie bag. Inside is a sky blue BBC flag, a car air freshener and a white pencil.

1489148049876She then sent me to see Richard, explaining that he knows Santa!

Vic then went on to interview Coventry Telegraph’s Cov Kids cartoonist, Nick Shingler, and a representative from Coventry Market about their comedy song ‘Coventry Market’ which appeared on Harry Hill’s Alien 1489146691528Fun Capsule.

After the interviews were over I was invited to take part in singing ‘Keep the Dream Alive’ with the Sky Blue fan chorus. The anthem was written by Steve and Heather Taylor to commemorate Sky Blue’s FA cup victory in Wembley 30 years ago and to help sing Coventry City to another victory in Wembley at the EFL Trophy Final.*

The lyrics we sang go like this:

IMG_20170310_105346We gotta |Go for it, | Go for it, |Let’s sing together | Sing it, shout it |Sky Blues forever | Come on | Keep the dream alive… | Sky blue… | keep the dream alive


Can you hear the Sky Blue army | Can you hear the Sky Blue army |Can you hear the Sky Blue army | Let’s sing loud and proud.

The Sky Blue fans I talked with said they liked the song’s new tune but missed taunting Chelsea, Tottenham, United – or anyone.

Steve conducted the choir. We did several takes as practice makes perfect. Also, we chanted.

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*Where they secured a triumph with a 2-1 victory over Oxford United and brought home some silverware!