Pocket Number-24: Whitworth Gallery

WP_20160626_16_51_12_ProWhen I visited at The Whitworth, a festival of music, performance and workshops was underway in the park, celebrating the unveiling of a permanent public sculpture by Anya Gallaccio. The sculpture reconstituted in steel the ghost of a tree that had been felled.

WP_20160626_15_20_31_ProAt the Gallery’s Grand Hall children were seated around computers playing Minecraft together.

In the Landscape Gallery I wandered through Nico Vascellari’s sound, mirror and shadow installation. The exhibition was titled ‘Bus de la Lum’ and took as its themeWP_20160626_16_21_07_Pro the folklore, mystique and dark history of a dense patch of Italian woodland.

WP_20160626_15_53_48_ProExhibitions on the first floor were themed around post-war interior style and design. Featured was a Libor Reich retrospective plus a collection of wall-papers from the WP_20160626_15_48_08_Pro1950s and 60s and designers such as Willy WP_20160626_15_48_50_ProHermann, Lucienne Day and Guy Busby.

There was also a touring exhibit curated by artist Elizabeth Price titled “IN A DREAM WP_20160626_16_17_45_ProYOU SAW A WAY TO SURVIVE AND YOU WERE FULL OF JOY.” It took inspiration from horizontally constituted things states and appearances and displayed work from artists, such as Katrina Palmer, Andy WP_20160626_16_27_14_ProWarhol, Simon Bedwell, Carolee Schneemann, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Constantin Brancusi, Edward Burra, Alice Channer, John Flaxman, Edward Onslow Ford, Henry Fuseli, Rodney Graham, Anthea Hamilton, Richard Hamilton, Jenny Holzer, Hilary Lloyd, The Lumière Brothers, Giulio Paolini, and more.

After touring the gallery, I asked Dominic at reception where I could locate the BlakeWP_20160626_15_32_21_Pro exhibition as I hadn’t chanced across it.

Dominic told me that the Blake exhibition had endedWP_20160626_15_30_39_Pro a month earlier. The current exhibit was titled “visions from the front” and remembered the centenary WP_20160626_15_31_49_Proof the Battle of the Somme via work from world war one artists, such as: Paul Nash, Henry Lamb, James McBey, David Bomberg, Christopher Nevinson and Frank Brangwyn.

WP_20160626_16_37_53_ProI told Dominic what I was doing and he gave the assemblage a brochure for the Warp festival underway in the park and then sent me to go to Home for a pint of IPA and said to ask the staff there for my next mission.

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