Pocket Number-12: London Road Brewhouse, London Road

IMG_20171111_160004 (2)London Road Brewhouse is a pint and pizza pub. The pizza is stone baked and beer is brewed on site. The decor is rustic urban, the walls are of wood panelling and exposed brick, while caged light-bulbs hang from the ceilings above a mezzanine floor.

From the bar you can look through a glassIMG_20171111_152940 (2) partition to see the pub’s micro-brewing operation.

Sarah manages the brewhouse. She told me London Road Brewhouse took over the space from a student dive called Varsity. She took me on  a tour of the IMG_20171111_152603 (2)place and answered my questions about the brewing process. I then sampled an American IPA named ‘Fat Bandit’ andIMG_20171111_151937 (2) a light IPA called ‘Kodiak’. Sarah informed me that the brewhouse’s beer labels are designed at Paulie’s Tattoo, a tattoo parlour up the road.

I explained about what I was IMG_20180120_170700 (2)doing and Sarah gave to the assemblage a London Road Brewhouse drink loyalty card. Printed on the front of the card is a skull with tentacled hair logo designed and drawn by Sarah.

She then sent me to visit Chris at Bitter Virtue for great beer!

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