Pocket Number 9: Rock-Ola Reborn, Cardiff Fashion Quarter, Womanby Street, Cardiff

25 Pockets Cardiff 09Following Mike’s directions I encountered Daisy at Rock-Ola Reborn (see: http://rock-olareborn.com/ ) . Daisy runs Rock-Ola Reborn with her partner. The shop’s situated in the Cardiff Fashion Quarter – a   hub of independent fashion stalls and shops converting what was once an old cinema.

The ‘reborn’ refers to ‘Rockola’ – a vintage clothes shop Daisy’s parents ran for nearly a decade.

Daisy gave the assemblage a Rock-Ola sticker and then told me to see Lilly at Full 25-pockets-december-cardiff-swansea-006Moon, a music venue two spits and a fag end further down Womanby Street.

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