[25] Pockets of [Oxford]

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[25] Pockets of [ Oxford ] is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively generated through gifts and referrals in Oxford.


  •  Matt Sage, instigator of the Catweazle performance night (see: http://catweazleclub.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/catweazle.paradise ) started me on my journey through Oxford. He said I should visit The Mad Hatter on Iffley Road for the Monday evening launch night of the Hatweazle (an offshoot of the Catweazle ) and told me to approach a gentleman called Henry.

Pockets >>25 Pockets ofOxford 064 (1024x1024)

Pocket Number 1: Henry at The Mad Hatter >>

Pocket Number 2: Peter at Blackwells Music >>

Pocket Number 3: Dennis at The Albion Beatnik >>

Pocket Number 4: Amanda at St. Giles Cafe >>

Pocket Number 5: Isaac Darkin at Oxford Castle >>

Pocket Number 6: Morgan & West at The Old Fire Station >>Pockets of Oxford OxCastle (1024x1024)

Pocket Number 7: Julia at Pitt Rivers museum >>

Pocket Number 8: David at Holywell Music Room >>

Pocket Number 9: Maxim Vengerov at the Sheldonian >>

Pocket Number 10: Veronica at the Ashmolean >>

Pocket Number 11: Charlotte at The Perch Inn >>

Pocket Number 12: Tom at Turl Street Kitchen >>Oxford4

Pocket Number 13: Patti at The Catweazle >>

Pocket Number 14: Ruth at Hear the Word at The Gardener’s Arms >>

Pocket Number 15: Peter at The Jesus Army, Woodstock Road >>

Pocket Number 16: Kieron at Worcester College Gardens >>

Pocket Number 17: Meadowmen at Christ Church Meadow >>

Pocket Number 18: Tom at the University of Oxford Botanic Garden >>

Pocket Number 19: Sarah at the Harcourt Arboretum >>

Pocket Number 20: Mr. Driver at The Museum of the History of Science >>

Pocket Number 21: Groundsman (Mr. Pounds) at The University Parks >>

Pocket Number 22: Someone (Joanne & Daniel) who work(s) at Oxford University Sport centre, Iffley Road >>

Pocket Number 23: Arran at Reiss, High Street >>

Pocket Number 24: Anyone (Tom) at Carfax Tower >>

Pocket Number 25: Dana at Fellows, High Street >>

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