Pocket Number-28: The Railway Inn, Clemens Street

WP_20160502_12_27_14_ProThe Railway Inn is a white and wood-panel boozer a few goose-steps from Leam’s railway bridge.

The pub dates back to 1841.

Brothers Lon and WP_20160502_12_12_32_ProLiam have been its licensees for over 18 years – a duration beaten only by Joseph Hartopp’s 40 year stint from 1912 to 1952.

WP_20160502_12_12_55_ProThe pub’s central bar services two rooms filled with pub entertainment essentials, such as: a TV, a jukebox, slot machines, darts and a pool table.

I told Lon about [25] Pockets of [Leamington Spa] WP_20160502_12_09_13_Proand he gave the assemblage a plastic shot glass.

I asked him what drink he’d put in the shot and he told me that he favours sambuca. He then gave me a shot of sambuca on the house.

Lon told me to next visit Mr Murphy at Murphy’s.

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