[25] Pockets of [Luton]

[25] Pockets of [Luton] uses a framed object assemblage to explore Luton and connect between people and places there.

Participants give away to the project’s collection an object possession and then write on a picture frame, directions for the next location and person, or ‘pocket’ to be visited in Luton. The trail of referrals from person to person continues until at least 25 objects from 25 referrals are received. The collected objects are later incorporated into a final, framed montage.

I picked the project’s picture frames from a framers in Dunstable. Travelling to Dunstable involved my first ever journey on a guided busway, a sort of trainline but for buses, as seen in the YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYHQ394u5tA&t=35s .

I began my journey around Luton by standing at George Street, the city centre’s main walking street. It was raining so I stood under the cement canopy of a building. Its signage showed Brighthouse was its last occupant. The boarded up store front is now covered in a cartoon pandemic instruction mural, reminding Lutonians to remain two meters apart.

Opposite me was a bubble tea café, a family entertainment store and a Chinese buffet.

I held up my sign: “Name a person in a place in Luton for me to visit

Laurence and Chloe were the first people to ask me about what I was doing. They were dressed sharply and weren’t afraid of a bit of wind and rain. After I explained to them about 25 Pockets of Luton they told me to drop by at Connells on a Monday to see their friend and work colleague Mica.


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Pocket Number 1: Mica at Connells Estate Agents, George Street >>

Pocket Number 2: Kishan at Connells, Riddy Lane >>

Pocket Number 3: Tayvon at Connells, Marsh Road, Leagrave >>

Pocket Number 4: Paul, Annette and Daisy at Warden Hill >>

Pocket Number 5: Disha and Ed at Galley Hill >>

Pocket Number 6: Polly, Luke and Jasper at Pegsdon Hill >>

Pocket Number 7: Luke and Milo by All Saints cemetery, Shillington >>

Pocket Number 8: Family and Yugo, and alpacas, at Chiltern Cycleway, Pirton >>

Pocket Number 9: Liam and Morgan and longhorns at Oughtonhead Common Nature Reserve >>

Pocket Number 10: Richie, Sarah, ponies and kites at Barton Hills Nature Reserve >>

Pocket Number 11: Casian and bluebells at Bramingham Wood >>

Pocket Number 12: Merish and Craig at Stockwood Park Discovery Centre >>

Pocket Number 13: Paul at Wardown House Museum >>

Pocket Number 14: Mike at Wigmore Valley Park >>

Pocket Number 15: Shannon at The Bear Club >>

Pocket Number 16: Greg and Adriana at Monstera Canteen >>

Pocket Number 17: Kassim at Baltistan >>

Pocket Number 18: Mohammed at Spice of Caddington >>

Pocket Number 19: David at St George’s Square >>

Pocket Number 20: Pat, Mary and Tom at Luton Irish Forum >>

Pocket Number 21: Laura, Corey and Fiona by the flamingos at Hat Gardens >>

Pocket Number 22: Chickens and Philip at Someries Castle >>