Pocket Number 8: The Hobbit, Bevois Valley Road

24172542_10100559201500377_1044512249_nThe Hobbit is a public house and alternative music venue with drinks and decor themed around Tolkien’s fantasy world.

The pub has a pool table, gaming machines, a duke box, a music function room and a large outdoor beer garden.

Lord of the Rings fan art hangs on the exposed24172506_10100559201335707_1359069780_n brick walls, a life 24172212_10100559201395587_1860132438_nsize mock-up of Aragorn guards the atm machine and Lord of the Rings themed memorabilia is dispersed throughout the pub.

For the brave and thirsty a drinking game called the ‘Fellowship T-Shirt Challenge’ involves drinking a variety of fluorescent cocktail concoctions24171584_10100559201330717_709741002_n based on Lord of 24135625_10100559201315747_80193356_nthe Rings personalities.

A hobbit-sized t-shirt is awarded to whoever completes the challenge.

I visited The Hobbit on a quiet Sunday afternoon and Luke was the only other person around24135305_10100559201205967_1076010883_n. I explained to him about what I was doing and he gave the assemblage a Fellowship T-Shirt Challenge card for Smaug the Magnificent and The Nazgul.

Smaug the Magnificent is concocted from double fireball whiskey, house whiskey and an energy drink, and The Nazgul is made with ‘black sambucca, double blackcurrant liqueur and cola.

Luke then sent me to go see Nix or Steve in Forbidden Planet xx


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