Pocket Number-11: The Rockstone, Onslow Road

IMG_20171104_165225 (2)The Rockstone Pub is a burger and beer gastropub nestled in the junction between Rockstone Lane and Onslow Road

The burgers looked tempting, especially since I saw that the meat was being cooked medium rare. Alas, Sunday Roast still cast its satiated shadow over my appetite so I dallied with the  starter menu.

IMG_20171104_171916 (2)I saw a novelty – beer battered olives – listed, and so learned what those tasted like. I also tried their wings of fire while conquering a pale ale called Napoleon Complex.

After explaining at the bar about what I was doing I requested to  meet Dave.IMG_20171104_170153 (2)

I was told to take my pick as there are a total of four Rockstone Daves.

I met two of them, along with non-Daves Lea and Shawn.

Cook Dave gave to the montage a Rockstone loyalty card and I was sent to see Sarah at London Brew House

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