Pocket Number-20: Faraday Street, Northern Quarter

WP_20160626_12_46_37_ProWP_20160625_19_38_19_ProWP_20160625_20_08_10_ProWP_20160626_12_07_21_ProI spent Saturday evening looking at street art painted onto buildings in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, spotting work by Stina Jones, Case, Akse, Faunagraphic, Phlegm, Hyuro, C215  Jay Sharple, Tankpetrol, Mateus WP_20160625_20_06_09_ProWP_20160626_11_05_20_ProBailon, Axel Void, Subism Collective, Space Invaders, Nomad Clan, Pichiavo, Faith47, Martin Whatson, Nevercrew, Dale Grimshaw, and more.

During the Cities of Hope festival just gone, international street artists had visited Manchester’s Northern Quarter and WP_20160625_19_46_11_Propopulated the brick and concrete jungle with social justice-themed WP_20160625_21_05_51_Proworks addressing homelessness, disability, mental health,
gay rights, sustainability, the WP_20160626_11_42_34_Proenvironment, war children, conflict and WP_20160625_20_40_55_ProWP_20160626_11_14_27_Proimmigration.

WP_20160625_21_03_58_ProTwilight slipped by and it started to rain. As I headed back, I WP_20160626_11_42_59_Proencountered the Brazilian artist, Bailon, perched on a machine platform lift; spraying the north wall of WP_20160626_11_19_33_Proa building with vibrantly coloured, tropical birds.


Once it got too dark to see clearly, he finished for the day. I WP_20160625_21_03_36_Protold him about 25 Pockets of Manchester and he WP_20160625_19_43_40_Progave the assemblage a sticker of one of his canvas prints  and sent me to have a chilli at Cutting Room. He told me that during Cities of Hope, he had frequented WP_20160626_11_04_40_ProWP_20160625_19_48_17_ProCutting Room for their WP_20160625_20_47_30_Prochilli.

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