Pocket Number-24: Worms Head, Rhossili

25-pockets-of-swansea-027 (2)My first visit to the Worm’s Head at Rhossili took place in January and there was almost no-one to be found on the cold, wind-exposed beaches and I was unable to find anyone afflicted with a cold. 

And the next time I visited, the beach was totally empty as the icy coastal wind had kept everyone away; sheltering  indoors. After wandering the deserted beach for some hours it became necessary to return to a warm and safe harbour – the 25-pockets-of-swansea-021bar at Worm’s Head Hotel.

As I drank a pint of Worms Head ale, I registered the sound of three sneezes announcing the presence of a cold-carrier seated directly behind me.


What luck. 

I spun around and acquainted myself with Steve Jones, who, for the benefit of the continuity of [25] Pockets of [Swansea] had been stricken ill, with a cold.

Mr. Jones informed me that he is a coastguard for the Swansea and Gower 25-pockets-of-swansea-022 (2)beaches. He gave the montage an appointment slip for a dental visitation and then sent me to find a 6 foot blonde female at the Eli Jenkins pub in Oxford Street — a tall order!


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