Pocket Number 8: The Harvester, Latham Road, Off Thamesdown Road, Swindon

Harvester Glenn works as a cook at the Harvester salad and grill restaurant at Latham Road. Upon arrival I was told that there was a 20 minute wait to be seated. It was apparent that Glenn was extremely busy so I waited for his shift to end and passed the time by sampling the cooking.

I helped myself to the unlimited salad at the salad bar and had grilled chicken, a sundae and coffee.

pockets of 004 (2)By the time I was finished feasting, Glenn had finished his shift.

I explained what I was doing and Glenn gave the assemblage a Take us Home Menu. I circled the Chicken Takeaway Feast Glenn  especially likes cooking as it is quick and tasty to make.

Glenn then sent me to meet Jordall, his friend from college who now works at Blunsdon House Hotel.

Pocket Number 9: Jordall Satchell at the Blunsdon House Hotel >>


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