Pocket Number 30: The Village Urban Resort, Langdon Road

The verge of Langdon road was spilling over with well-wishers and relations who had gathered to cheer in saddle-sore cyclists arriving into Swansea after cycling from Paris. The cycle ride raised money for Maggies Cancer care centre at Singleton Hospital.

pict0077 (2)Upon arrival, the cyclists converged on the Village Resort’s parking and entrance space where I managed to locate and approach a person I assumed to be Badger — as his face matched up to the DJ Badger images I had found on Google. Badger is a daily pict0075 (2)presenter on The Wave radio, so I guess I could have also tried using voice recognition.

Although undoubtedly exhausted from his five day trip up from Paris, Badger graciously listened to me explain about the project and agreed to participate, providing the montage with empty packaging for Ibuprofen that he had used on the cycle trip. He then sent me to Castellamare (bar and restaurant) in mumbles to see Alex.


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