Pocket Number-27: Frames Snooker Club, 140-142 Parade

WP_20160501_15_03_47_ProThe windows looking into Frames Snooker Club are fixed in the steady stare of Queen Victoria’s statue from across Parade road. However, the curtains were drawn, veiling the club’s goings-on inside from her stony gaze.

I met Sati as he was opening up the club late on Sunday morning. Sati runs the club and is also a keen snooker player.

Sati told me that the club is nearly 100 years old and that theWP_20160502_11_50_34_Pro space hosts pool and snooker league games. Players and teams who practice on the dozen tables at Frames have gone on to win prizes and trophies – some of which were displayed at the club.

WP_20160502_11_50_15_ProI told Sati about what I was doing and he gave the assemblage a snooker club membership card and then sent me to see brothers Lon and Liam at The Railway.WP_20160502_11_47_21_Pro Sati said that The Railway have their own snooker team who like competing against the teams from Frames.

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