Pocket Number 8: Belgrade Theatre, Corporation Street

P1060647Belgrade Theatre notes on its website that it is the only professional theatre in Coventry [acting] as both the city and region’s commercial and producing theatre.

The theatre is another modernist monument built in the 1950s, during Coventry’s post-war restoration and is the first all new professional theatre to be constructed in Britain after the war. The theatre is built in Festival of Britain/Royal Festival Hall modernist style as part ofP1060646 a mixed use development that incorporates shops and flats along Corporation  Street.

Belgrade Theatre is so-named out of gratitude to the City of Belgrade’s Yugoslav authorities who donated to the theatre a major quantity of Yugoslavian beechwood. The beechwood timber has been used to line the auditoriums’ ceilings for acoustical effect.

The Theatre has two auditoriums, associated backstage facilities and a coffee bar. Martin P1060643Froy‘s mosaic mural depicting the four seasons P1060645occupies the centre wall of the double-floor foyers and Bernard Shottlander spiral chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

I explained at the theatre’s ticket office about what I was doing and met Leon.

Leon works with local teenagers in youth theatre productions. His most recent production,P1060644  Rise, features an all-female cast.*

Leon is currently working at making public a collection of life stories from the refugees and asylum seekers at Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre’s men’s group. The production is scheduled to be shown in summer of this year.

After I explained to Leon about [25] Pockets of [Coventry], he gave to the assemblage a tiffany-blue coloured badge that bids for Coventry as 2021’s UK City of Culture.

He then sent me to meet his wonderful friend Jessica at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum. He drew a smiley face on the picture frame clarifying it isn’t meant to resemble Jessica.

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*… and Leon for a few moments, as father to one of the young women.