Pocket Number 3: Buckingham Palace, London

25 ps of Oxf 001I arrived at Buckingham Palace’s plaza late on Saturday afternoon as the evening sunlight retreated up the Victoria Memorial.25 ps of Oxf 005

Since the time of Queen Victoria, Buckingham Palace has been the principle home of the British royal family.

To find the next participant, I conspicuously placed myself by the  front gate at 25 ps of Oxf 004the main facade of the Palace and joined it in becoming a curiosity to onlookers by holding up the below sign ->>name place in london 001

25 ps of Oxf 006The first person to approach me was Ashley, who had come to London with his family from Colchester for a day trip in the capital.

Ashley gave the montage a metal carp from off his keyring and then sent me to see an operator at The London Eye.

Pocket Number 4: Operator at The London Eye >>


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