Pocket Number 5: Galley Hill, Galley and Warden Hills Nature Reserve

Paul had explained how Galley Hill got its name – from gallows! In ancient times the site was used for gallows for public executions. ‘Witches’ also used to be burned there and multiple bodies have been uncovered together in mass graves.

After parting ways with Paul and Daisy Claire and I returned back up the hill to find someone there to send me to the next ‘pocket’ of Luton.

A path meanders up the hill through wild meadows but we took an off-piste direct route back over the golf course and through the dense hawthorn and buckthorn scrub.

Near the summit we found two bronze-age barrows.

We waited for someone to turn up and before too long encountered Disha and Ed wandering up the ridgeline from Warden Hill. Disha is local to Luton and Ed hails from Bristol. I explained about what I was doing and received some Galley Hill twigs and a golf ball for the montage. Disha said she mostly likes the countryside around Luton and so sent me to Pegsdon Hill, which she said looked more like a proper hill.

She didn’t specify who to see so I’ll approach whoever happens to be there!

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