Pocket Number 4: The Victoria: John Bright Street, Birmingham


The Victoria is a roomy pub near Alexandra Theatre.

The WP_20150411_17_12_09_Prointerior is Victorian themed with dark wood, tasselled lampshades, ivy-enwrapped bird cages, studded, leather cushions, etc. There was a selection of house and guest ales on draught and I was told that the pub serves good burgers and pizza.

I explained about the project to Ed and passed on Leanne’s hello.

Ed gave the montage a packet of four Jack Daniels labels which celebrate Jack’s portrait, Jack’s Birthday (happens each September), My Party and  Spirit of Jack. He then sent me to go to Island Bar to meet his friend Fishcake.

Pocket Number 5: Fishcake at Island Bar, Suffolk Way, Queensway >>


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