Pocket Number 18: Spice of Caddington, Manor Road, Caddington

Caddington is separated from Luton’s expanding conurbation by the M1 highway and the greenbelt barriers of Stockwood Park and Caddington golf course. These swaddle the village with nature, giving the place the sort of country village feel that Dunstable has lost.

I visited Spice of Caddington on ‘gourmet night’ on Sunday afternoon – which meant a starter, main and side + rice or naan for under £15.

Two of the dishes I tried had aloo (potato) in it – aloo chat and saag aloo. For the main I tried a sizzling lamb curry cooked in an onion, chili and tomato sauce. The portions were so generous I couldn’t finish half the food and so took the remainder home and had a second meal the following day.

Spice of Caddington is run by Kassim’s older brother and has been feeding Caddington for 13 years. I explained to Mohammed about 25 Pockets of Luton and told him where I had visited in Luton already. Mohammed said he knows Luton well. He and his family moved there in the 1980s and he has seen it evolve over the decades.

He wrote on the frame for me to head to the square by Galaxy at the centre of Luton. Mohammed said the square will let me see the state of Luton these days.

For the montage I received a mint, a pen and a feedback form.

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