Pocket Number 5: Nash White, Regent Street

WP_20151222_11_12_41_ProNash White is an award winning hairdressing salon with outlets in Warwick and Leamington Spa. Lee is the creative director and runs the business together with his business partner.

The salon had aWP_20151222_11_07_59_Pro winter woodland displayed in its front window and its interior was warmed by wooden walls and floors and there was an abundance of plants.

When I asked for Lee, I was informed that he was away at Nash White’s Warwick outlet and so I returned the following WP_20151222_11_10_09_Proweek and found Lee. He was busy attending to a gentleman’s hair. Once he had finished I explained to him about what I was doing and he gave the assemblage a distinctively plush business card and then sent me to see Samantha at Coffee Architects.

Lee explained that he knows Samantha through local business WP_20151222_11_07_53_Pronetworking events.

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