[25] Pockets of [Swindon]

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[25] Pockets of [Swindon] is an interactive derive and assemblage montage randomly and collaboratively generated through collected gifts and referrals.


  •  Hilda Sheehan (see: http://www.hildasheehan.com/ ), was the first person in Swindon to talk to me, when I attended the Swindon poetry festival she had organised. She directed me to begin my journey by seeing Beth at Sasco’s Cafe at The Arcade.

Pockets >>

Pocket Number 1: Beth at Sasco’s Cafe >>

Pocket Number 2: Michael at Boots Opticians >>

Pocket Number 3: Sam at Schuh >>

Pocket Number 4: Gary at Sainsbury’s Bridgemead superstore >>

Pocket Number 5: Luke at Brookhouse Farm >>

Pocket Number 6: Aimee at Brantano Shoes and Footwear >>

Pocket Number 7: Rob at Lloyds Bank >>

Pocket Number 8: Glenn at The Harvester >>

Pocket Number 9: Jordall at The Blunsdon House Hotel >>

Pocket Number 10: Scott at Travel Lodge, (Devizes) >>

Pocket Number 11: Daniel at The Hilton Hotel >>

Pocket Number 12: Amy at The Mail Coach >>

Pocket Number 13: Kim at The Rolleston >>

Pocket Number 14: J.C. at The Glue Pot >>

Pocket Number 15: Jason at The Hop Inn >>

Pocket Number 16: Phil at Los Gatos >> 

Pocket Number 17: Lino at La Carbonara >>

Pocket Number 18: Mario at Buon Appetito >>

Pocket Number 19: at Janni at Fabio’s >>

Pocket Number 20: Santo at Da Vinci’s >>

Pocket Number 21: Enzo at Mario’s Restaurant >>

Pocket Number 22: Giovanni at Il Capricorno Ristorante >>

Pocket Number 23: Bello Musto at Fratello’s >>

Pocket Number 24: Massimo at Rustico Restaurant >>

Pocket Number 25: Piotr at the Aldi store in Stratton >>


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