Pocket Number 7: Airkix, Trafford Quays Leisure Village

WP_20160525_13_03_57_ProAirkix Manchester has a wind tunnel which suspends people in a column of air, affording them a skydiving and flying experience.

I met Rachel at reception and told her about what I was doing. Rachel instantly recognized Debs on the photograph I showed her and told me that Deb is a regular and enthusiastic flyer who’s now learning how to fly on her back!

Rachel took me upstairs to the wind tunnel. An instructor was taking flyers into the tunnel; teaching them the basics of belly flying and how move up and down by reducing or increasing their body’s surface area.

Rachel showed me a skills progression chart displaying the various flying tricks that can be WP_20160525_12_56_08_Prolearned. She goes flying a lot herself and is learning how to sit and spin.

She gave the assemblage an Airkix air freshener and then sent me to Altrincham Market for a flat white by Phil. She also recommended I try the pizza at Honest Crust.

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