Pocket Number 3: Connells, Marsh Road, Leagrave

Can you spot the Connells?

Leagrave is a former village swallowed up by Luton’s expansion. It became a suburb of Luton in 1928.

It still has its own high street and train station so I took the train there from Luton station on a sunny Saturday.

I found Tayvon working at Leagrave’s Connells’ office. I asked about the average price for homes in Leagrave. He told me that the property market is booming. Leagrave’s 3 bedroom semis are now consistently selling at well over £300,000.

I explained to him about what I was doing and he gave the montage his business card and sent me to climb Warden Hill and said it offers a panoramic view over Luton.

He said he enjoyed going up the hill as a boy.

He said I can approach anyone there.

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