[25] Weirdness Pockets of [Wiltshire]

Some months after visiting Swindon Art Weeks, I was contacted by Swindon-based mosaic artist, Lynette Thomas and asked if I’d be interested in taking part in a ‘weird Wiltshire’ themed group exhibition in April at Swindon’s Richard Jefferies museum. She told me that the group wanted to include Wiltshire psychogeography in a way that fits with the ‘weird Wiltshire’ theme.

The qualifier of ‘weird’ is sure to be a novel twist to my usual routine. Rather than being sent to see people and places participants are comfortable with, I’ll be sent to see ‘strange,’ ‘abnormal,’ ‘unnatural’ and even ‘unsettling’ places outside of what’s considered to be usual.

Lynette suggested I begin by meeting Hilda or Michael from The Richard Jefferies museum.  Unbeknown to Lynette, Hilda had already started me on [25] Pockets of [Swindon]. Coincidence!

After I emailed Hilda about the project, she replied that she’d love to help again. She said to:

… start with the four monks. Who made them? Why are they there? See if you can find them? They are very weird. If you have no weird luck finding them, I will send you the street name of their very weird whereabouts – or you could ask people in Old Town where they are. Someone may know. It could be interesting to see what weird response you get. Start on Eastcott Hill. 

Good luck finding the weird monks. I think they are monks.